Saturday, May 19, 2007

Search Me, Find Me

For a while now I have been receiving several Google Alerts that I set up. I have one for Chaminade and one for Kellenberg and one for Billy Elliot and one for Jamie Bell not to mention my own name which is Sean Brennan also spelled out Sean Patrick Brennan so I wrote this sentence without punctuation after names just to make sure I don't miss any chance at being found through someone else's Google Alert. So do me a favor now. If you found this page randomly, send me a short message saying so. We don't have to be friends or even talk. I'm just curious who else reads random blogs because they mention one of THEIR Google Alerts. =)


Sunday, May 13, 2007

every blog is a reflected image

You don't know me. Even if you know me, you don't really know me. And that's okay. But in this blog page, you will learn about me and I will probably learn about you if you get to know me. And that's more than okay. That's awesome. Every blog is a reflected image of its creator. I am creating something that I wish to be a really big thing. It will share my views as well as my truths. It will touch upon real Truth with a capital T. It will help you and guide you, make you laugh and make you cry. In short, it is a reflection of me. I hope you enjoy it. And now, the two-word sentence that says it all. Stay tuned.